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Welcome to masquerade_rp, a role playing group for the severely delusional - I mean talented! A role playing group for the literary geniuses out there. You may play as any band member, and the focus is primarily on slash (male/male) relationships, though we won't straight-bash you if you choose to be hetereosexual.

Okay, so maybe we will. But we'll be nice about it.

The plot of this group is that every single band member, from small (coughSONNYMOOREcough) to large (coughMATTGOODcough) and everything in between, have a dark past lurking in the shadows of their lives. Each character is living a masquerade, trying to hide their dirtiest and darkest secrets from friends and loved ones and, all the while, running from the histories that threaten to ruin them.


-No straight-bashing. Or gay-bashing. Just 'cuz.
-No TaLkInG lYkE tHiS. 0r 1!k3 7h1$. Because then I'll just have to shoot you, and, personally, I find murder a little messy.
-No getting grossed out by sex. There will be sex. There's a high chance of ass sex. And, because I'm here, a really high chance of kinky ass sex. Take it.
-No clean mouths. We expect everyone to talk dirty in the bedroom and swear their faces off.
-You must submit a character profile (example posted in the community) when you join.
-You must do whatever Hannah (_tornandfrayed) and myself, Brittany, (lesinnocents) command you to, because we rule this RP, and the world. Bow down.
-You must have a separate LJ created for each character you make, with a note saying that "I'm just kidding, I'm not a famous person having kinky ass sex."
-You may have only up to three characters.
-You must remain active.
-You have to abide by the rules, or Hannah and myself will excersize our divine power to throw yo' ass out of the RP. Or if we just feel like it.
-EDIT: I probably should have thought of this before, but, seeing as we have two assassins and various mobsters in the RP, I should just let you all know that you CANNOT kill other characters. *coughJEPHcough*

Taken Characters

Character -- Live Journal -- Screen Name

Gerard Way -_tornandfrayed – xxendthisdirest
Mikey Way - xmikey_wayx - xmikey wayx
Frank Iero - thewhitewhore - Les1nnocents
Quinn Allman - ailman_x - ailman x
Ville Valo - willa__walo - villes milkshake
Travis Ritcher - up_the_mtn - Les1nnocents
Matt Good - dark_lothar - xxxGunsxGoxBang
Sonny Moore - I_eat_muffin - Eating Lightning
Derek Bloom - Derek___ - bloomz84
Matt Shadows - unholyxxshadows - xavenged shadows
William Beckett - eatinglightning - Eating Lightning
Adam Lazzara - _ohhsnap_ - onIythis

Peace, love, and rainbows.
-Brittany, Ruler of All Things

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